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  1. Syed

    R Gash

    Hi Richard, Thank you for posting. I will raise this on our service desk and contact you accordingly. Syed
  2. Syed

    Anonymous Forms

    @AlanJCraven You will find more details on the forms available here https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/widgetguides/a-f/forms
  3. Syed

    Training Course

    @nward I will raise you a ticket on our service desk regarding videos being blocked by the provider Regards, Syed
  4. HI I will raise you a ticket on service desk Thanks
  5. Hi, You can use forms and the data will appear within data viewer which can be filtered To discuss this in detail we can schedule a phone call and talk through different options Thanks
  6. Hi Duncan, I will raise this issue with our service desk team Thanks,
  7. Syed

    Sites on iOS

    Paul, I have raised you a ticket on our service desk I will investigate into this further Thanks Syed
  8. Syed


    Hi Sue, Thank you for posting what exactly are you trying to achieve if you can give us more details and elaborate further that would be great Syed
  9. Hi Sue, I will raise you a ticket regarding your query Syed
  10. Syed


    Hi, We are aware of this issue our development team are currently working on this bug I will raise you a ticket to keep you updated Themes can be deleted through our back end you can send me the name of the theme through the ticket Regards, Syed
  11. Syed


    Hi Adrian, Can you tell me which IOS are you using on the IPhone 5 We will do some testing here trying to replicate that We will raise a ticket as well Thanks Syed
  12. Syed

    Additional ID Fields

    Hello It might be worth posting your idea on ideals portal at this moment we are unable to change or add fields to user management as its by default Regards, Syed
  13. Syed

    Big Blue Button

    Hello Eric, Sorry we don't integrate with Big Blue Button at the moment Regards, Syed
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