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4 hours ago, ann said:

@Graham Quince     Can you tell us what else is currently planned for the App?

I've seen plans for the new My Child's Progress to be added as separate elements, I have also asked that ePortfolios have their own page.  There have been discussions about an Tablet (landscape) view and incorporating more elements of the FrogLearn and FrogDrive iOS apps.   

Absolutely no ETAs on these - there are other developments taking priority for the Earhart (Spring 2020) release.  Which you can hear about at Bett. ?

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18 hours ago, Graham Quince said:


We are aware of this issue, and it's been addressed.  Unfortunately the fix does require an update to your platforms as well as a release to the app. It's expected to be out in the next update.  It's currently in testing.

Clearly that is going to be soon with all those new updates being shown off tomorrow........................

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@gbligh by the way did you know there is no "My Calendar" link on the menu for Students.... this gives them access to their timetable etc?  But there is for staff?

Granted if as a student you open "My Assignments" and swipe left it actually opens the "My Calendar" page...  but it seams a bit daft to not let kids access there timetables via the app without having to open the dashboard!! ?

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