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18 minutes ago, clangstaff said:

Is anyone on here leading on Data Protection within their school or are aware of a colleague who is leading on this?

In light GDPR coming into place in May I'd be interested in liaising with other schools to see how they are tackling this.

Like you we are at the same stage......  running around like headless chickens shouting "GDPR who wants the responsibility"!!!  I'll feedback anything I find out but like you id be interested in how others are tackling this one!! ;)

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Has anyone made any progress with GDPR yet? I'd be particularly interested in sharing guidance and having a discussion with anyone who is working on the full audit of data and mapping this for their school. We have made a substantial start on this and as far as I can tell we are working on the right lines however, guidance is few and far so it would be great to see how other schools are achieving this.

Any contacts would be appreciated!

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On 01/03/2018 at 08:58, Graham Quince said:


We've prepared a webpage about GDPR.  


We'll be adding more to it over the coming weeks/months

@Graham Quince are you guys compliant yet and have you got an updated user contract for clients - what are Frogs plans in terms of customers being able to sign them off as compliant?

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Hi Chris,

We have been busy on that and as part of our preparations we have had an external audit performed and will be very soon be officially announcing that we have passed ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’. 

This is not directly GDPR it is a significant tick in the right boxes and was a test of the whole business and our systems to ensure we have all the appropriate steps in place and take security seriously across all our IT and HR systems. 

We'll be publishing an update soon.

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@Graham Quince Thanks for the update.

I wonder if you can confirm as a company will you simply contact all your clients with an updated contract/document that proves you are GDPR compliant or will we be required to individually contact you and query this?

As a school dealing with coming close to 80 different data sharing service providers we just need a simple solution to be able to sign you off as compliant.

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