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Exporting usernames and passwords

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If you export the users to a CSV file then filter that information down to the new year 7 parents, you can view all their usernames. As I previously mentioned, you can't export passwords from Frog so that information wouldn't be displayed. What you can do is create new passwords for parents in the CSV file then upload that back into Frog. Then you will have a copy of all the passwords in the CSV file and you can send this to parents along with their username. 

If you go to the Users application and click on the drop down menu (looks like a black cog) you can see there is the option to 'Export Users'. If you click this, the file of all users will automatically start to download. Once the download has finished, you can open it up and filter it to show only the year 7 parents. I would suggest that you filter this on the creation date of the user as the newest parents that have been created will be year 7 parents. Once you have them filtered, my advice would be to copy and paste them out of this document and into a new excel document. In the new document, you can create new passwords for each user. You need to save this file in the CSV format. You can then get their usernames and their passwords and send them out. 

You then need to import this file back into Frog. If you go to the Users application in Frog and click on the drop down menu (looks like a black cog) you can see there is the option to 'Import Users'. Import your CSV file with the updated passwords.

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