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How many Frog Schools in Wales?


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I was wondering if there are any numbers available regarding how many Frog Schools/Users there are in Wales?

Having these numbers might help move things along with integrations we want set up with services provided by Welsh Gov.

Thanks, kind regards

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Thanks for the reply @Graham Quince

Interesting that more Welsh schools are looking at Frog, seems Hwb+ (the actual School VLE "page building" part of Hwb) is being decommissioned. Hwb as a stand alone site may become something else.

I spoke to our Admin (at Welsh Gov) who provides our Office 365 - seems getting integrated with our Frog platform may take a while as they're configuring a new provisioning system for Hwb/O365 and are focusing on that. They'll be open to discuss O365-Frog integration down the line >:( Obviously we want it ASAP so hopefully we can hurry them along by arguing the Frog platform will essentially be bringing users their way :D , Large numbers may help move it along.

FrogConnect may be worth looking at, I'll need to speak to Senior Staff but may get back to you on that.

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