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  1. Hi Sarah, You should be able to ask your SSL provider about how to generate it or you could navigate to Digicert, where they explain how to create a CSR in more detail. You can find the information here - https://www.digicert.com/csr-creation.htm There is also a link to a Free download, where you can install the certificate utility for windows, which will generate a CSR for you - https://www.digicert.com/util/. Further down on this install page, there are links to some useful articles that should be able to help you through this process. There is an article that walks
  2. Patrick

    Missing video?

    Hello, Just a quick update. I have edited the pages and those videos are now available for you. Happy Housekeeping, Patrick
  3. Patrick

    Missing video?

    Good morning, I am currently in the process of updating the Housekeeping sites and will be adding the video this morning. I was busy editing the text ready for the videos last Friday, so apologies for the confusion here. There will also be some great tutorials on all the other aspects of Housekeeping. Thank you,
  4. Patrick

    MIS Points

    Hi Aimee, There isn't a way to do what you're asking from the front end but we should be able to help you out. I will raise you a ticket now and get in touch with you via email to discuss. Thank you
  5. Patrick

    MIS Points

    Hi Aimee, This new information wouldn't overwrite what is already in Frog, it would simply be added to what you already have in your platform. If you do need to go in and delete old/not relevant behaviour data, you can do this using the FrogParent Manager Application. To do this, simply open the app, filter the information down to the specific student, select the data you want to remove then from the drop down menu you can select delete. I hope this helps but if you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks,
  6. Hi Aimée, Apart from Frogs Acceptable Usage Policy pop-up box; which can be configured in System Preferences, there is no way to achieve what you have asked other than using a HTML widget like Adrian suggested. If you do want to go down the HTML route, it might be a good idea to ask for some advice in our Coding Forum. Thank you, Patrick
  7. Patrick

    Time Restricted Pages?

    Hi Adrian. You can only restrict access between dates at the moment. This is probably a good one for our ideas portal though! Thanks, Patrick
  8. Hi Paul, Impersonating users isn't a feature of Frog at this moment in time but it may be one for our Ideas Portal - https://www.frogcommunity.com/ideas-portal if you would like to see that in future releases. Thank you, Patrick
  9. The Analytics App is a powerful tool you can use to have an overview of who is using what on your platform. You can check how many hits sites are getting, who has set assignments as well as who is logging in and how long they are spending logged in to the platform. You can search for Sites and Assignments by Tag or Author and can filter your results easily to drill down to the information you want to see. To give one example, this might be useful if you wanted to know how many Year 11's are logging in and visiting a new GCSE resources site or if you wanted to know how many GCSE test assignment
  10. If you export the users to a CSV file then filter that information down to the new year 7 parents, you can view all their usernames. As I previously mentioned, you can't export passwords from Frog so that information wouldn't be displayed. What you can do is create new passwords for parents in the CSV file then upload that back into Frog. Then you will have a copy of all the passwords in the CSV file and you can send this to parents along with their username. If you go to the Users application and click on the drop down menu (looks like a black cog) you can see there is the option to 'Expo
  11. We are looking to export the usernames and passwords of year 7 parents so they can have their details sent to them via email. Is there a way for us to do this?
  12. If you go into Curriculum Designer and then click on Assessment Standards (button in the top right hand corner), you can define the assessment periods/cycles in here. Clicking on the 'Assessment Cycles & Targets' tab on the left hand side will show you the assessment cycles you have set for the year. You can edit the 2017/2018 cycle from here by clicking the edit button in the top right hand corner then adding periods to the year. Please be aware that you are unable to change what the end date of each period is, it just automatically ends when the next one is set to start.
  13. Dear Servicedesk I have a query about setting up assessment periods for the upcoming year. I have been able to add the new year and I think we are up and running with our progression charts, but I have not been able to set dates for the assessment periods. Could you give me some instructions for doing so please?
  14. Patrick

    Shared Classes

    If you're experiencing issues with getting information from SIMS into Frog, I would first check that your extractor has been running and is successfully sending the XML file to Frog. You can do this by checking System Preferences > Maintenance > MIS Import and checking when the latest xml file received from MIS server was. If it was sent overnight or it was sent the last time you ran it, then you can rule out that an issue with the extractor not running. If the extractor isn't running, you will need to troubleshoot why before moving forward. If it is running, the next thing to check
  15. In order for students to be able to add content to a File Drop widget, they need to have the correct share permissions. The site may be shared with student so they can view it but they need to have contribute rights to be able to add files to the widget. When sharing a site, profiles, groups or individuals need to have the 'Can Contribute' permissions set and this is done via the options when sharing a site.
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