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Frog Assignment - Mark required turned 'Off' by default

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This is a plea for votes within the Ideas Portal..


For admins to be able to choose whether 'Mark Required' is turned on or off by default within the assignments area.


At the two schools I work at currently no staff are providing marks through Frog for students despite all homework being logged on Frog (we're simply not at that stage yet). This means that for parents especially it looks as though their child has not completed their work or that staff simply don't mark the homework.

Again this feels is the kind of simple functionality that Frog should have included from day one and would save a lot of hassle for schools.

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I have voted for this one and I agree something that we really do need.  As you say, looks like staff are not giving marks, but we are just not up to using that feature yet.

First question I get asked when I speak with parents at my slot in the Year 7 introduction mornings.

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Just bumping this up to say this is now causing us lots of issues across both schools. Unfortunately despite plenty of reminders staff are not turning the mark required area off when setting an assignment (perhaps because it is hidden away on the last tab of the assignment wizard). This then leads to lots of confusion and wasted time talking with parents and students who are handing in their work but it looks as though they are not as they have not been given a mark.

@Graham Quince is there anything we can do to set have this turned off automatically for all staff unless they wish to actually give a mark via Frog. I'm yet to talk to a school who are consistently giving students marks via Frog.

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@Graham Quince we've already removed those columns from the assignment manager but as soon as a parent clicks on an assignment listed they are directed to the next page which contains the marks etc.

A lot of parents have commented to say they'd prefer to view the homework as a student receives it straight away rather than seeing the comments and activity summary section that is displayed to them on clicking in to an assignment. I agree with this too - parents simply need to be able to view the homework instructions including any resources or tasks in a quick an simple view the marks area is going to come much later down the line and should be the second step of what parents see.

See attached what they get in the first instance and what they'd like to see.



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