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Frog Quizzes ability to view results on a per question basis

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I have created a feature request on the ideas portal and it would be good to see this get more votes!

To view quiz results on a per question basis you are currently required to purchase FrogPlay meaning staff can only see a total score for students and not where mistakes were actually made by students. I think this functionality should be included without the need to purchase FrogPlay - Quizzes are pretty useless if you can't see where students need additional support.


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Hi @clangstaff,

I think we've spoken about this directly, but for everyone else's benefit, the ability to see more information with quizzes, per question answers, matrix views etc... are part of the FrogPlay / Achieve package rather than Learn quizzes.

With Achieve / Play you get:

  • A database of over 300,000 questions (written by teachers)
  • Exam board linked quizzes for KS4 and Year 6 SATs
  • Video tutorials for English and Maths
  • Quiz reports - per question responses, matrix views - all exportable to spreadsheets
  • Credit-based Games and Avatars.  The more students play, they more they earn to unlock features.
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