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FrogCode widget - Image button

Graham Quince

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Inspired by the dashboards like Greenshaw, I've put together a new widget to make it slightly easier to create an icon driven menu.

Image button (suggestions welcomed for a better name) comes preloaded with the icons available in the digital downloads section of the community.  You can also upload your own images.



image-button_settings1.png image-button_settings2.png

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On 11/07/2024 at 09:34, gbligh said:

I am probably being silly ... how do I add our own image as the button?! @Graham Quince

To use your own image, upload it in the File settings options and at the bottom of the icon dropdown, there's an option for custom.  Unfortunately due to the way Frog is coded, you cannot use the custom image for an uploaded file.  Widgets only allow one file uploader.  (I suppose you could upload the file elsewhere, then use the internet link option)

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