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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, One of my annoyances with work setting on FrogLearn (and I do a lot of that) is that an assignment is either open or closed. If it is open, students don't see their marks. If it is closed, students can't submit. If a student, having seen her marks, asks to be allowed to resubmit, the task has to be reopened for all. A late submitter can't submit unless the task is reopened for all. (These limitations didn't exist in Frog3). I'm wondering if the 'convert to individuals' option might overcome all these problems, i.e. allow me to close and release marks to all,, then reopen an assignment for an individual who is late, plus reassign work to any keen re-doers (or those I'm not happy with) individually. Yet it is important that the results remain in the class markbook.. Is that what the button does? Would hitting this button have any other implications? I could experiment with my classes but is has been hard enough getting them used to FrogLearn, without unnecessarily rocking the boat.... Any comments? Cheers, Mark PS. LOVING most of FrogLearn!
  2. Has anyone else encountered this problem on a similarly sized device? We use the 11-inch MacBook Air and iPad. When we make a quick assignment (specifically using Google Assignment) the "Hand In" button is below the bottom of the screen with no ability to scroll down. Since students are not Handing in the work the teacher has to access student work using the cumbersome back door through Google. This also affects iPads. For quizzes. assigned directly from FrogDrive or through quick assignments we have the same problem, especially on iPads. I was wondering why my numbers were so low at elementary since we were pushing the Championships. Turnes out teachers had no interest since reports did not show because students literally could not hand in the quiz.
  3. I've created the following on the ideas portal - please get voting on this so Frog might finally consider it! Confirmation of a student viewing an assignment As with social media messaging services it would be useful for staff to know if/when a student has viewed a homework on Frog. This could be shown with a little eye icon next to each students name in the assignment manager. This functionality is available within several competitors to Frog and would make life much easier for staff as they could quickly identify which students simply haven't checked their homework assignment. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1242
  4. We have a new process for monitoring regularity and quality of home learning (all of which are now done via assignment manager). Happy to share this frog code app which allows Tutors, Heads of House/Year, SLT to lookup what has been assigned to a student and act accordingly. I will ensure this app continues to work if frog change api's in the future as it is part of our internal systems. I realise this functionality is available in the assignment monitor app, but we do not wish to share this app with staff as it would allow them to lookup staff as well as students! A quick screen shot... Paul
  5. Hello, I have 2 questions that our Business Studies teacher asked me, I have had a look but not sure if possible, thanks. 1. Is it possible in assignments that when a student sends back their completed worksheet/project (probably using file drop in assignments) to the teacher, that the teacher can then mark the same worksheet/project with comments and send it back to the student to amend? And then the student can send the same amended copy back to the teacher etc? So its all kept in one thread? 2. Also the business studies teacher here marks work using pass, merit or distinction – Is it possible to set this as a marking system in assignments?
  6. Staff to be able to 'Download wall' from assignments Currently only Administrators can click 'download wall' and download all communication that has taken place on an assignment. We would like for staff to have the ability to do this too so they can easily download evidence of feedback between staff and student on assignments. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1246
  7. Following some feedback from teaching staff I have done some small tweaks to the code on the assignments page theme. Basically teachers have often displayed an assignment at the front of the classroom to show students what homework has been set for them however, students were unable to read the small text on the board. Also as a school that is setting all homework to students via Frog we are not currently using the 'Mark' area of assignments I have also decided to strip this off of the assignment theme to keep it clean and tidy. The code below was included on the student dashboard so it is loaded when they first access Frog and then applies to all assignments that are launched. <style> /* Hiding mark area in assignment manager*/ .date_completed, .overall_mark, .has_feedback { display:none; } /* assignment template tweaks*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-teacher {font-size:18px; font-weight:bold;} /*enlarges teach info*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-issue {font-size:16px; padding:15px;} /*enlarges issue date*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-due {font-size:16px; padding:15px;} /*enlarges due date*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-complete {font-size:16px; padding:15px;} /*enlarges assignment completed status*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-head p {font-size:16px;} /*enlarges assignments instructions*/ .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-container .ui-theme-assignmenttemplate-release {display:none;} /*Hides mark given section*/ </style>
  8. Hi Is it possible to run a report on the assignments that all staff have set over a set time period? If so how would this be done?
  9. We've got some code to open the quick assign window to create new homework tasks. This is just a click function like this: var $target = jQuery('[data-action=launch_quick_assign]:first'); $target.on('click', function(el, ev) { ev.stopPropagation(); el.frogui_modules_quickassign(); }.bind($target.get(0), $target)); I was wondering which frog UI module I'd need to call to open the assignment monitor screen?
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