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We have an emergency cover board in the staffroom with cover for the day.  We photograph this in the morning and put it on the staff dashboard on Frog.  We think that using Frog Snap would be the easiest way to achieve this more quickly (currently it is a media widget which we edit), however, we would only want it to show the photo from that day and not any historic ones.  Is there a way of setting this up like this?

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If you put an image stream widget on the site (think your site will need contribute permissions) you can then use FrogSnap to quickly upload the cover photo.

You can then place these css styles inside a html widget. Place this at the very bottom of the page.

    div[data-site-uuid='915CA52220025B53FB113FB7861AFE06C06A988C073E35B0'] .timeline-item:not(:first-child),
    div[data-site-uuid='915CA52220025B53FB113FB7861AFE06C06A988C073E35B0'] .alert-show-more {
        display: none; 
     div[data-site-uuid='915CA52220025B53FB113FB7861AFE06C06A988C073E35B0'] .timeline-item:first-child {
         width:100% !important;

Replace '915CA52220025B53FB113FB7861AFE06C06A988C073E35B0' with the unique id of your site (you can find this in the source code or by using the bookmarklet method described by @Graham Quince linked below. If this isn't included this css will change the appearance of every image stream!

These styles will hide all but the first image (this should be the latest) and also hide the 'show more' button.  You can remove the header if you like using the widget advanced settings.. The remaining image will be centred and much larger than normal so that it can be read more easily.


Here is how to get your sites uuid.


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