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Link to File Widget Improvements

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I've created a ticket on the Ideas Portal for the 'Link to File Widget' which is still pretty hideous by any account. It would be great to finally get some ideas and development actioned on this widget. Although the text widget has really pulled through with regards to links a lot of teachers back off instantly when you mention a different method of linking to a file.

My ideas are as follows.

- Make link to file widget similar to 'External Link' widget whereby we can add an icon title and description.

Although maybe this idea would be better as a separate widget this would be really useful. Sometimes we want a document to stand out and look professional on a website - for example an important policy. Having this option would give use some consistency when linking documents next to websites etc.

- Link to file automatically adds a file icon which can be customised or hidden. When uploading a PDF it would be useful to see the document is a PDF.

See link below.



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