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Lockdown Stats

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I thought it might be nice to have a look at some of the stats for Frog over "lockdown" at our school....


2217 users logged into Frog

(not including externals accessing the Yr 12 Bridging Course/Yr 9 Transition sites)

those users managed to login 173,204 times

with a total time spent on Frog of 223737h 25m

which works out an average session time of 58 mins.


The top 5 " " with the most logins

"students" totalled 2344 times

"staff" totalled 2103 times 


The top 5 " " with the most time spent

"students" totalled 6306h 10m

"staff" totalled 3661h 35m


5914 assignments were set

with the Top 10 subjects setting them being...


the MyFrog app has been used 397,405 times

by 2050 users


I could go on........ but I wont....


All these stats are from between 23rd March to 17th July

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1 hour ago, Graham Quince said:

Wow - that amazing.  Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, the image you linked to is on your own Frog, so it appears broken.

Fixed.... 😜

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25 minutes ago, pconkie said:

Why is maths so much bigger then English and science?

They were setting lots of assignments across a week......  instead of just setting a weeks worth or work on a Monday.....   i think!! 😜

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