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Curriculum Designer


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Hi all, 

this may sound like a really silly question, but I've been asked to look at the curriculum designer before we go ahead with committing to Frog Progress (a product we don't currently have but are strongly considering) and I was wondering how I import the national curriculum along with all the learning objectives for each subject? 

Its likely that I will be asked to support teachers with this when the time comes. 


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Hi Graham a virtual tour will be really helpful, is that possible for next week?

We had a progress demo activated a while back which whilst I know is unusual for Frog it helped me convince our leadership team it was worth their time to have a frog rep in to show a bit more of progress.

Anyway, we already have access to curriculum designer, student tracker and reporting. I wondered whether this was a hangover from our trial or whether all Learn customers have this?

I've just been assured that we are going Frog Progress, which I'm pleased about because it looks amazing to me.

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This may be (and most likely is) a daft question...but has curriculum designer been released.

we don't have frog progress but am I assuming you curriculum designer is free to existing frog schools anyway?  Or have I got confused?

How do I access it? I cant din it anywhere on the apps list and Ive looked through to see if I needed to assign the rights etc.


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Hi @mnicholson,

Looks like I was wrong.  I had expected Curriculum Designer to be activated for everyone's FrogLearn, but this hasn't happened.  Leave it with me and I'll get an update for you.  To be honest, it looks like this was overlooked, rather than a technical issue.

In the meantime (and this goes for everyone), if you'd like a demo / trial of FrogProgress which includes CD, I can arrange than for you.


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