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  1. mnicholson


    ah ok thanks for the info - I have been messing around the the crystal theme tonight and at least now I know why it wont wont up looking exactly like yours haha!
  2. mnicholson


    I really like the crystal theme and I am trying to redesing our staff/student dashboards - I love how yours appears 'centered' - is this somehting you have done yourselves or a custom version of this theme you have?
  3. Yeah I tried a few brackets but god knows i hate finding syntax errors! (didn't have access to dreamweaver etc. today to some any diagnostics). anyway the code works brilliantly - so thanks so much for your help! No doubt Ill be asked to use it for a variety of things now haha..meaning more work! thanks again!
  4. i have put that in (see below) but keep getting a malformed javascript error! FrogOS.fdp({ path: Frog.Utilities.getBaseUrl() +'/api/2/', url: '', data: { method: 'users.getChildren' } }.bind(this).done(function(response) { var count = response.data.length; if (count == 0) { var result = "no children found"; //handle no results here - for example a 'no children found' message } //loop over all returned children here: for (var i = 0; i < response.data.length; i++) { var user = response.data[i]; //you can then use it like this:
  5. The console prints the following data out: profile: Object { name: "Student", uuid: "F26B467820013B45967A2FDDFEB3BA0367F743EC8B388A5E" } pupil_number: "W807233603064" remote: false remote_read_only: false reset_password: false reset_password_read_only: false source: "misextractor" updated: 1548123590 username: "12yatesb" username_read_only: false uuid: "255466BF20005DEE5E3B6FD651C0190E8924419C5CC588D8" What do I have to do to reference just the 'username' part as thats what i need to write into a variable
  6. thanks - I had created my own bit of code (see below)... the issue im having is once i have the child's data in the array I need to draw out the username of said child, thats the error im getting...any help? <script> var target = ""; FrogOS.fdp({ path: Frog.Utilities.getBaseUrl() +'/api/2/', url: '', data: { method: 'users.getChildren' } }).done(function(response) { if (response.status.message == 'OK' && response.data.length > 0) { //found some children, let's log them: console.log(response.data); //var target = users.ge
  7. thanks - but I might need some more help with this! what i need is a list of the children of that parent. How can I use that code for this? Can you point me to any example code? thanks
  8. Hi I have used the getuser part of the API a few times to obtain such things as a logged in user's username etc. I am wondering - is it possible to use the API to obtain the names/id's of the children of a parent when they are logged in? any help much appreciated!
  9. This may be (and most likely is) a daft question...but has curriculum designer been released. we don't have frog progress but am I assuming you curriculum designer is free to existing frog schools anyway? Or have I got confused? How do I access it? I cant din it anywhere on the apps list and Ive looked through to see if I needed to assign the rights etc.
  10. I have tried to code and the widget is great, although I have encountered an issue this week. We have staff setting assignments on the weekend (they are setting the available from dates correctly (i.e. for next lesson not today's date) and when in the assignments app these assignments are not showing until that selected date. The widget is showing them however - meaning students are attempting homework without input form staff (which isn't wanted). Want I am asking is there anyway to filter these assignment being shown (in the similar way to subject) - so that the start date/avaible
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