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Problem embedding Countdown Clock code

Sue Busher


Can anyone help me with this please?

<iframe width="300" height="154" src="https://w2.countingdownto.com/4544001" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Frog just doesn't like it..


Or does anyone else have any other successful countdown clocks I could use?


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Hi @Sue Busher

I've made the change to your staff dashboard, this works:

div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .countdown_section:nth-child(2),
div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .countdown_section:nth-child(3),
div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .countdown_section:nth-child(4)
    display: none !important;



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Hi Sue,

When I embed that code, in the developer console I get this message


The error suggests the host website for the countdown clock is the one blocking the embed, which is strange because I can see from the website that it provides an embed code.

Looking at the clock though, it seems pretty similar to one of the FrogCode widgets by Paul Conkie: https://www.frogeducation.com/frogstore/widget/event-countdown, could you use that instead?



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