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  1. Hi, this was using Chrome and no I didn't do any housekeeping and I can't think of anyone else who would have. Just checked and our groups are still linked and the extractor successfully ran last night. Been given some more info. Apparently the seating plans were all there at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon, but by 5pm had all vanished. I think users can only delete their own plans so it couldn't be accidental deletion could it?
  2. Bit of a weird one but since last night all of our seating plans have disappeared except for a few in the global list from last year. Has this happened to anyone else? We rely on them heavily at the minute with cover teachers taking lessons. Thanks in advance, Pete
  3. Amazing thank you very much. We have our sixth form virtual open evening at the end of October, I can tidy it up before then
  4. Hi Graham Thanks for that I must have forgotten to change it on the template last year. I'll start working my way through the Year 7 ones. Don't suppose you could update the widget and do the data reference change for us? Absolutely no rush just when you get chance.
  5. Don't seem to have Year 7 parents and students being recorded on their e-portfolios. Admin and staff are the only ones recorded. Is this because we're not on the latest version of the widget, and will upgrading mean the updated widget will need to be manually added on each e-portfolio?
  6. On a 'public on the web' Frog site, I was wondering if there was any way a form could be placed on the homepage that the user must complete before other content is revealed? We're doing our virtual open evening as a public site on Frog but we also want to collect visitor data such as parent name, child name, email address etc. Could it be possible with some code that when they hit 'Submit' on the form, it either reveals hidden pages or loads another public Frog site?
  7. Morning guys, Just wondering if there was a fix for this one. I didn't see it in the latest bug fixes. Cheers, Pete
  8. Morning! We've put the widget on our Y6 transition site but it doesn't seem to be logging user visits in the 'Other' profile. Admin, staff and students all working fine.
  9. Brilliant thanks Graham. I've managed to get it setup now but thank you anyway. I've setup three tabs, one with the request form, one for the staff members to see their requests only (page hidden for maintenance staff), and a maintenance log of all staff requests (page visible for maintenance staff only). Pete
  10. Thanks Graham, where can I find the IT Support Portal? Can't see it in the Frog Templates or Frog Store
  11. Is there any way to have an option to change the default sort order of the files from alphabetical to date created, newest at the top?
  12. Afternoon, I want to create a 'Maintenance Request' page within Frog. Staff will login to create their maintenance request and the maintenance team will simply tick a box when the job is complete. The maintenance team have zero computer skills so it needs to be as simplistic as possible. I envisage a page on our staff dashboard containing 2 columns and a large box above spanning the whole width of the page, where staff will report their issue. The first column would be a list of all maintenance requests with the oldest at the bottom. The second column would be the completed requests column. Ideally the maintenance man would simply click on an active request, which then takes it from the first column to the second. Any advice on how to approach this, or an alternative solution that is just as easy to operate would be greatly appreciated
  13. Can I ask what system you guys are running for your room bookings? Do you use the Frog booking calendar and create event widget like us, or a third-party system? Here's our staff and student dashboards. We've gone for a planner style dashboard for the students.
  14. I do prefer the Wall widget if i'm honest as you don't need that extra click to view the comments and it looks cleaner. Plus you don't need to add a Title. I like the noticeboard more than the forum but again not quite as much as the Wall. If there's no way users with contribute can have access to Edit and Delete comments then I might just have to switch over to a noticeboard. Parents and students only have View access so giving all features of the wall to contribute users wouldn't be a problem for us, but I can see how it might affect other schools.
  15. The wall is individual for each student on their E-Portfolio site, staff leave student comments on the wall, so I don't think embedding will work in this scenario
  16. Pete Foulkes

    Wall widget

    Does anyone know how I can give our staff members access to the reply and delete buttons to posts on the wall widget without giving them Edit & Manage rights to the whole site? Staff have also asked if there can be an Edit button so they don't need to delete and start again if they make a mistake. Many thanks in advance Pete
  17. Hi @Graham Quince It doesn't seem to record parent and student visits on e-portfolio sites on our platform, just Admin and Staff visits. I've tested on a regular site and it logs the parent visit, so seems to be specific to e-portfolios.
  18. Ah makes sense. Didn't think about it from that perspective. Just trying to think of ways to make the process of getting login details to parents less painful for myself ? Many thanks for your reply.
  19. I do use the c&p at the minute which makes things quicker, still takes a few more extra clicks but it does the job. I think staff would benefit more from a back button when designing their own sites with complex drop-down menus and subpages. I suppose it would be similar to a 'link to page' widget which i'm sure I've seen mentioned in the past, but with extra styling options.
  20. Hi Graham I did give this a go but it doesn't really have the desired effect. The back button in presentation mode will go back to the previous subpage, but i'd like to return to the next main page in the tree if this makes sense? Pete
  21. A simple 'return' or 'back' button widget that can be dragged onto a sub-page and when clicked, goes back to the next page up in the menu tree. Would make site navigation easier particularly if you have sites when many layers of sub-pages. I currently do this with the text widget and hyperlink the text to go back to the page I want, but it can be very time consuming and a nice subtle button would look better.
  22. Hi all Does anyone else think it would be more beneficial if the message when a parent requests a password reset via the 'forgotten password' button could include a little more information? For example, if they enter their username, could it state the matching email address on the system so that if it's not their current email, they know to contact the school to get their email updated, rather than assuming the password reset link doesn't work? And if they enter their email address, it can tell them if their email address was found rather than saying "if it was found"? Thanks, Pete
  23. Hi Graham May have come across a bug in the code. When clicking to see the eportfolio of XX XX, the eportfolio of XX XX1 is loaded instead. Usernames are XXXX and XXXX1 Pete
  24. When I try to install the latest version I get a failed to install error message.When I try to install the latest version I get a failed to install error message (attached).
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