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Would it be possible to have a hide/minimise button on the top bar of site/app windows? It could go next to the close 'x' button, possibly have a minus symbol and maybe have a little animation shrinking the window into the Quick Lunch to show where it's hiding to. Alternatively, flash/jiggle/highlight the Quick Lunch icon. It would have the same function as pressing the 'h' key, (or clicking the Frog Head).

This would be real nice for less advanced users.


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Just off the back of this...  not sure how many people play around with Frog on an ipad...  but add the "Frog Connect" bar into the mix and its makes it a pain in the backside to even hit the "X" button and miss the "Edit" button.... nevermind adding a minimise button!! O.o

 @Matt @Graham Quince

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