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Library system

Graham Quince

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I've just been speaking to a school about using FrogLearn as a complete Library system - which might help them replace their current provider and save around £3000 a year.

This seems right up The Academy's street - so I'm reaching out to anyone interested in helping me build one.

As far as I can tell, a library system would need:

  1. Ability to quickly note a student and the book they are borrowing
  2. A list of borrowed books (i.e. stock control)
  3. A list of overdue books
  4. The ability to reserve books

The hardest element seems #1 - but is there anything else a library system would need?  


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Pass..... but hassled a guess you are under estimating what a good library system can do!!! O.o

We have hand held scanners to scan books the books.......

Think they can do reports to print out lists of kids that haven’t brought books back....

An online catologue so kids can search books we have online...  and even renew/reserve (I think)!!!

And that just off the top of my head!!! :P

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