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Double clicking documents to open them

Matt Mason

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Some of our parents are complaining about having to double click on documents which use the MIS linked documents widget to open them, being a webpage they expect it to be a single click.  I’m just curious if other schools have had similar complaints.  Thanks Matt

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Hi Matt,

Our parents also didn’t like the Linked Documents widget! So I asked @Graham Quince to install a widget made by Paul Conkie onto our platform. It works on a single click to open a document and also lists them all without having to filer by date.

Here is the topic on the forum about it: 

I think you may have posted in this topic anyway?


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Yes I did post on this topic.  I’m now about halfway through creating my own custom MIS Linked Documents widget which time permitting should be finished in the next week or so.  I then have the fun task of migrating the schools website from Frog 3 to another platform, I’m thinking either Frog Learn or Wordpress but leaning towards Wordpress. 

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