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Assignment Wall Design

Ashton Taylor

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Now that the new assignment bar has been introduced, I think the assignment wall could do with a makeover as well.

No functionality will change, aside from the fact that it will update on the fly instead of having a refresh button.

The core reason for doing this bit of POC work is that the wall seems extremely out of place at the moment when it pops up, very clunky, and isn't a nice user experience.

Attached is a small screen capture of what the wall now looks like.


Any comments are welcome!


        - Ash

New Assignment Wall.png

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@Ashton Taylor Looks good - Just a quick one incase this isn't covered.


Staff definitely need the capability to 'Download wall' and extract a copy of the entire conversation. This will be important for evidencing feedback but also from a Safeguarding perspective.


I'd also say it may be worthwhile considering how this may look with a much larger comment. If the user has entered a large paragraph you will then have a very small window to scroll through - if we could expand the box on demand this would be useful.

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