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Embedding PowerPoint


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I know embedding PowerPoints has been a topic before however, due to the scale of what a department at Holmfirth High is trying to achieve I thought I'd start another forum that is not specifically related to OneDrive,

The Science department would like to embed a PowerPoint on to a Frog site for every single lesson they teach at KS4 (this will be a large amount of PowerPoints) which I and they simply don't have the time to embed one by one using the HTML widget and OneDrive.

Does anyone has a better solution as to how we can embed all these PowerPoints or a folder structure of PowerPoints so they can be viewed on the page without having to download them first?

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Im in the process of creating course sites for my lessons!!   The idea being the kids can access the PPT for the lesson...  resources...  quizzes...  polls...  all though Frog!!

I know in the not to distant future the official 365 integration package will be plonked on your Frogbox that might make some of this defunct...  but in the mean time it works for us!! ;)

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