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Office365 Integration



Couple of simple ones.

We have the OneDrive integration set up and it seems to be working OK, apart from the sharing. I understand the restrictions due to the way MS handle permissions. But can you advise me on the best settings so that students can preview files on OneDrive.

I can add the widget to a site and I can happily preview the file, open it in OneDrive etc. However, the student just gets the filename, no preview. What share settings should I have in order for the file to be able to be previewed? Also, can there be an option to switch off the "Open in One Drive" for certain profiles? So, for some teachers/subjects want certain files (of their choosing) that the student can preview and/or download, but not be able to edit it on the OneDrive. Just a thought.

Secondly, what additional integration is planned in the upcoming upgrade? It would be great to be able to navigate onedrive/sharepoint using a widget. So rather than previewing just a file, the link would be to a sharepoint or onedrive folder, then the user selects the file they want to preview. When is the upgrade due? I want to revamp our Governors area and O365 Integration seems to be the way to go given how they want to use it, I'm afraid FrogDrive doesn't cut it for them.

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Hi @pdurber,

I think we've answered this in emails and separate posts now.  I'm just clearing up the support section.

If anyone is interested in our current offering, you can find out more here: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/office365

There are plans for further integration, but nothing I can be specific about at the moment.

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