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Request for change - needs support

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I've created a item on the ideas portal see below.


Up the default of 20 questions for quizzes assigned to the amount of questions in a quiz

If staff have created a quiz with more than 20 questions it is because they want to assign more than 20 questions. I think the default when assigning a quiz should be the amount of questions in the quiz with the ability to lower how many are assigned if needs be.

This has come from feedback from dozens of teachers at both schools I work at!

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Hi @clangstaff

You've probably seen Steve's reply on the ideas portal, but for everyone else:


We have had a request from another school too to be able to change the default number of questions.

We built the default to 20 based on the last 10 years telling us 20 questions with a high mix of MCQ questions interspersed with a range of 'other' (DnD, freetext, Matching etc) question types is a reasonable length of homework in most cases taking 15-30 minutes depending on the complexity. We then build a tool to be able to overrule it on a homework by homework basis. This was actually more commonly to set less than 20 rather than more than 20 (it was heavily requested by primary schools)

HOWEVER, Simon Marshall, our lead developer, was at Yardleys school yesterday and I know they have requested an admin tool to set a new default and so that will be getting built over the summer in 'IAL11'. That had intended to let them set a specific number but we add in an option to set a number or set all in the bank then this would give you what you need too?

Please be aware though, many FrogPlay quiz banks may contain 60+ questions, not uncommon for over 100. Our intention is that a quiz bank on a single topic should be set more than once to ensure the student retains the information. Setting it once gives a snapshot only and so we want the student to do the quiz a number of times and get different questions in a different order to generate richer data. We therefore try to have larger quiz banks so they get some repetition but some new questions each time. If you do choose to get them to do all questions you may lose some of this but we will give the option and you will be able to decide. 


And just for clarity, IAL11 is the internal name and numbering system we use for FrogPlay development.  The question engine's code is built on I Am Learning's code.  V11 is the next release of their code.  Not sure if that will mean you have to wait for Da Vinci (October) or not.

And for everyone else.  Please continue to vote on Chris' idea.  Steve has said we're doing it, but that doesn't mean more votes won't be noted.   Also, please keep voting on the ideas portal.  Almost all of Dickens and Austen was the result of the ideas portal.

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