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Display user related data on staff dashboard

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We're just about to use a new room booking system, followed by a parents evening booking system. They are an online cloud based app. To access it the user navigates to the correct web address and then enters a unique "Webcode", which identifies them. The system doesn't utilise SSO (yet) so the staff will have a unique, randomly generated code to lose.

So, is there a way of attaching these webcodes to the users (the parents will have one when we get the parents evening system up and running) so it will be to hand when they click on the link in Frog to go to the site.

I was looking at Paul Conkie's exam timetable widget and wondering if a much simplified version of that would work as it is a similar principal? I thought about using e-portfolios, but it would require a large amount of setting up as far as I could see.

Cheers for any ideas.

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Hi @pdurber,

This is something I'm really keen on adding and we are looking at ways of doing this.

In the meantime, i've just been helping out a school to do something similar.   Check your CSV parent export to see if there's a column such as UPN which is empty.  This corresponds to pupil_number in the getUser() API.  Something like this in an HTML widget 

<center><h3 class="welcome" ></h3></center>

var user = FrogOS ? FrogOS.getUser() : this.getUser();
    this.element.find('.welcome').text('Your code: '+user.pupil_number);


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