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FDP oAuth Question

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Are you wanting to create a "login via Frog" button for your website?  I checked with one of our developers and you might be able to put something together by creating an app and intercepting the auth requests.  Problem is we only currently support OAuth1 and not OAuth2.

These two github pages might help:



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Thanks for that, I think that could potentially do it.

What I thinking about is this... we have conduct data (merits/commendations/awards), messages/announcements, clubs bookings and peripatetic lessons data on a cloud based SQL server. It currently provides this data to various PHP web apps we have produced for parents and teachers. For parents these are additional pages to our Access 'My School Portal' that use their SSO API. For staff we sign them to the apps using O365 auth. 

The plan is to open up some of this information for students, it seems to make sense to use FROG for authentication - ideally so we can display this data within customised FROG widgets as opposed to directing them to an external page. I suppose embedding is also an option.

Do you know if it is possible to request external data securely from within a FROG widget? From what I can make out it looks like it is limited to client side JS, but I suppose the OAuth can work in the background while the client side makes the requests that can be accepted or denied accordingly.

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I know a few schools have made secure requests - the school I used to work at used PHP and a session cookie on Frog login to authenticate the user into the intranet environment.  Every intranet page which loaded then checked the session cookie. 

I think @pconkie has also explored this too.

If you can't get anywhere with direct authentication, I created the Data to Form widget to allow you to import any spreadsheet into one of our forms and use the form's Access Control to act asa  secure db.


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