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  1. I forgot to tag the experts! @Graham Quince @adamw @pconkie
  2. Hi all We have Google Drive appear in FrogDrive. Is there a way for it to be the first thing than opens when FrogDrive is launched? Or another way round this? Personally I’d like to embed Google Drive inside FrogDrive on a page.
  3. Seems to be all good now ... when I click on a notification and it takes me to the assignment, it seems to freeze though.
  4. This is great - mine seem to be blank though. I logged in as a kid to test it. Does it have a date limit of what appears?
  5. I think there is a button in there somewhere for this .... under preferences/admin?
  6. Yes a central one for central services, generic stuff and then each school (will) have one. Very early doors.
  7. We have a Trust platform too which is in the first group. We are in the 3rd group as a school.
  8. We are on FrogLabs, looks like this issue is partly being dealt with in the upcoming Earhart release: Post students submitting documents to the File Drop activity or completing a submission in the Text activity, upon a teacher reviewing the documents, if the files are pending conversion the message Feedback is converting this file, please come back later will now be displayed. Previously a broken image icon was displayed making it difficult for teachers to identify if the file had converted or not.
  9. I am getting this problem now too - had a few reports from staff they are just seeing broken file links rather than the document
  10. Amazing! Cheers Graham
  11. @pconkie Is the Mark by Activity, something you've built?
  12. Any chance of getting this shared @pconkie - amazing as usual
  13. I've just installed, but don't get anything in the drop down apart from 'Select'
  14. Obviously not pressing due to the time we are in but it would help with styling some pages. Cheers
  15. Yes like that, but goes to a page within a site rather than a file.
  16. This is merely fo me design purposes ... could a widget be created that looks identical to a site/external link, but links to a page within a side instead? @Graham Quince
  17. gbligh

    Assignment Monitor

    Does assignment monitor not show any assignments that have a future issue date? Lots of our staff are making tasks available from 20th April, but they don't seem to show in the monitor
  18. gbligh


    @pconkie @ADT @Graham Quince
  19. gbligh


    Not technically a support question, but our safeguarding lead is sorting out some GDPR options in SIMS. Which of the following would images of students on Frog come under?
  20. We are using a mixture of Frog Feedback marking - mainly for Year 12 - and then staff are doing whole year feedback using messages within assignments. Sue - happy to show you this online if you want to see it?
  21. I have just tested this and it seems to work fine - although, when I close the assignment and go back in as a student, I can see the feedback but I can also add my own feedback? Is that right?
  22. @Graham Quince - we are planning to use this heavily soon. We will mainly be using the Text Activity widget. Can this be marked and sent back to the student?
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