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Opening Ebooks

Phil Stiles

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Hi, as some of you may be aware Frog Drive can open ePub ebooks which is great,

What I would like to do is to link to an ebook in FrogDrive by linking it to an image in a text widget, I have tried using the link to file option and file link widget but both want to download the file not open it in the ebook reader built into Frog.

Does anyone have any suggestions

Many thanks in advance


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2 minutes ago, Graham Quince said:

@adamw is there a preference to point to a file in FrogDrive or a way to do this in FrogCode

I don't think so. Frogdrive lets you filter down the types of files I think, but not point to a single file. It sounds like the best way to sort this is to make the preview app understand ebook files and launch the reader. We'd have to look into how easy that would be add in.

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