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Graham Quince

Goodbye Flash


From the end of December 2020, Flash will be removed from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, OSX Safari and Mozilla Firefox. You will no longer be able to run any Flash files from your browser.  Flash was a powerful tool for animations, games and interactive content, but unfortunately became a security risk. Once Adobe announced they were ending support for Flash, the browser companies took the decision to prevent it running.


How does this affect my Frog platform?

We’ve had plenty of time to prepare for Flash’s removal.  


  • Feedback - The audio recording tool in Feedback has been replaced.  It works in the same way, but no longer requires Flash.  
  • FrogPlay Games - The Flash-based games have mostly been replaced and we’ve taken the opportunity to update the graphics and gameplay.  There are a few games which will disappear in 2021 as they have not been rebuilt without Flash, so if anyone asks about them, this is why.  Frog is continually developing new games, so keep an eye out for new releases in the new year.
  • Media & SCORM widgets - The media widget does allow you to upload Flash files, so you may have uploaded content on your Sites which you will no longer be able to use.  There’s nothing Frog Education can do about the decision to remove Flash unfortunately.  From January 2021, you’ll see a warning message instead of the Flash file.  

For further information on the deprecation of the Flash Player please refer to the link below:


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