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We've got one of our Sixth Formers doing the Photography at the Year 11 prom. He wanted to know if there was a secure area we could upload these onto Frog, then, once parents have purchased the images, they could then access the page and download the images. Can anyone think of a way of achieving this? I'm also going to speak to our website provider, as I think it may be easier through our website than it would on Frog. If not, does anyone know any other online services that we could use? Obviously once a parent has access to the site, they could then download and pass them around to other parents but I don't think there's a way of avoiding that!

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tom,

If you create a site, but leave it as private, then create a group who have viewing access, any parent who pays can be added to the group (teachers can add to groups as well as admins with Groups & Policies and you could even give this student access - via a group).  A site link with a Rule on it to display to that group on the parent dashboard and sending out a direct link should make it easy to find.

Hope that helps


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