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Tagging descriptors/targets in progross

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Hi all

this is probably a feature request as much as anything.

As a SEN residential school we have therapy input both in school and for our residential provision. What we would like to be able to do is ask all teachers to assess therapy targets for each particular class. These are likely to be generic statements that can applied to every student in the class for example 'Being able to listen to other's opinions'.  We could include these targets as descriptors in each particular curricular strand, however this would confuse when running reports as we want to be able to assess academic progress separately from therapy interventions (such as speech and language or occupational therapy for example). 

We could include speech and language as a separate curriculum, however this wouldn't give us the rich, contextual information that our therapist need. For example, they want to know if a student is reaching a target in one subject, or class and not another. This would allow really targeting therapy interventions, in any given setting or context. 

The only way I could think this could work is being able to assign a 'Therapy' tag to a target, much like a KPI. This would allow you to run reports on on progress on therapy targets but with the ability to exclude these from academic reports. 

The tag could be applied to any a target/descriptor separate from the core curriculum itself but which could be tracked alongside academic progress to give rich, contextual information. 

In theory, it could be a 'behaviour' tag, a 'Therapy' tag', anything a school/teacher thinks is important to track alongside academic progress. 

Lemme know what you think. : ) 


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Hi @deanmoulder,

My first thought was that you could use Class Goals in each progression chart as a way of recording how your students are doing with these generic skills.  They won't show up in reports.  However, each teacher would have to set these goals up for each Progression Chart they use.  This could become a bit tiresome.

I've spoken to Progress' product manager, Ramsey Al-Chalaby, and he's suggested it might be much easier to use a second Progression Chart for each class - one set to track their therapy progress.  Teachers would have to switch between two charts each lesson, but your therapy team would retain the ability to run reports, determine interventions etc...  There will be more work to set up a new curriculum to cover these areas, but once done, the day-to-day work should be minimal.

Hope that helps


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