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Beethoven broke a frogos.fdp api?


Since the update we have had some parents tell us they didn't get an email about their child's detention.  Too many parents have said this to be the usual junk email issue.  However, there is no apparent error when we scrutinise the frogcode widget.

I've therefore done some more testing with the following:

  url: 'email/sendmessage',
  path: '/api/fdp/1/',
  type: 'POST',
  data: { 
    subject: 'Call Out',
    message: 'Test Message',
    to: "pconkie@backwellschool.net"
}).done(function(thisResponse) {
}.bind(this)).fail(function(e) {
  var error = JSON.parse(e.responseText);
  var error_msg = error.response.message + "<BR/>Failed to send email"
  this.modal("There has been an error", error_msg, "modal-4FDC8814200489BB58471FBB81DE9B03CD461BECB489AFEC", null, false);

I get a success confirmation in the console


However the email never arrives.  Are there logs that can shed more light on this?

This is an urgent issue for us.




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