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  1. Tom's post in Wipe Notifications was marked as the answer   
    Hi Adrian,
    Hope you are keeping well.
    The notifications are managed by the end user, as the notifications are specific to each account. 
    The end user can also control which notifications they receive via the "My Preferences > Notifications area. 
    So in this case, they cannot be bulk deleted globally in this case, we have found that a lot of end users rely on Notifications to access certain elements of Frog, such as an assignment for example, so putting the notifications at an end user level helps with the user experience in Frog. 
     We have a tutorial here that should provide end users with the knowledge of how notifications work in Frog:
    I hope this helps for now but if you have any further questions about this, please do let me know.
    Kindest regards,
  2. Tom's post in Timeline widget was marked as the answer   
    Please raise a ticket by emailing support@frogeducation.com so that we may look into your issue further, as it sounds like it may possibly be something specific on your platform, however, more information can be divulged more privately on the support ticket raised with us.
    Once the ticket has been raised, either myself or a member of our Support Team will pick it up and investigate asap.
    Kindest regards,
  3. Tom's post in Subject Tags was marked as the answer   
    Hi Adrian,
    You are unable to remove the default subjects within Frog nor toggle them ON/OFF, as these are hard coded into the platform, it is only custom tags that can be toggled ON/OFF in this case.
    May I ask what kind of issue you are facing?
    Kind regards,
  4. Tom's post in Debbie O'Shaughnessy was marked as the answer   
    Hi Debbie,
    I hope you are well.
    Students can use the Help Section for this when logged into the Frog platform.
    If you take a look at the below screenshot attache,d students can click here to open up the Help Section, see "Help Section" attached. If they select the "Help" icon in the top left hand corner inf the Frog Bar, this will open up the Help Section window.
    Then, they need to click on "Assignments" which will then expand a drop down menu that provides information for students and using assignments on Frog - please see screenshot "Assignments" attached.
    Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions. 

  5. Tom's post in Frog Gateway and setting up extra TSs was marked as the answer   
    It would be worth raising a ticket a support@frogeducation.com so we can further investigate your issue and we can ask our systems team for some information.
    Kindest regards,
  6. Tom's post in malcolm furness was marked as the answer   
    Hi Malcom
    Would you kindly be able to provide a screenshot or a brief explanation of where you are looking on your Frog platform? This will help me indicate what the issue may possibly be. 
    Look forward to hearing from, you. 
  7. Tom's post in Permissions change? was marked as the answer   
    I can confirm a service desk ticket has been created with Paul to investigate further. 
  8. Tom's post in MyFrog app - display received messages on a Frogpage was marked as the answer   
    Hi Ann,
    I can see a service desk ticket has been created for this therefore will be dealt with separately there.
    In short, you cannot have your inbox embedded onto a site by default, although there may be some coding trickery via the HTML Widget to get around this (it might be worth asking in the coding section of these forums for this as Service Desk do no support custom code.).
    Users by default can see their inbox messages in the Frog Bar at the top, and also in the "Inbox" area if MFrog.
    The messages app can be used for staff to send messages, but this can only be done on desktop, you cannot send messages via MyFrog.
    Send messages - desktop/web application only
    Receive messages - via the inbox area on both MyFrog and desktop/web application
    Hope this helps.
  9. Tom's post in Mr was marked as the answer   
    Hi David,
    I hope you are well and keeping safe. 
    I have taken a look at your platform but just need a bit more information in terms of which teacher account you are accessing so we can take a look, as this is on a public forums, I would ask if this information could be sent to us securely by raising a ticket at support@frogeducation.com or calling us on 01422 395939 and we can create a ticket for record purposes and deal with your directly have a deeper look into the issue at hand.
    Kindest regards,
  10. Tom's post in Beethoven broke a frogos.fdp api? was marked as the answer   
    @pconkie I have raised a support ticket with you directly to look into this. 
  11. Tom's post in Frog Store was marked as the answer   
    @Sally Jones
    Hi Sally,
    I have managed to replicate this issue on your platform, so I have raised a Service Desk ticket regarding this and I will respond to you directly on that ticket as I have managed to replicate the issue with your account. 
  12. Tom's post in IOS issue was marked as the answer   
    Hello Callis,
    I hope you are well. 
    We recently discovered a very similar (if not the same) issue on the FrogSnap App (iOS), in that the log in was in a loop and kicking you out of the app. This has been raised with our developers who are currently investigating this issue.
    As you have advised that this is happening on the iOS FrogProgress App also, it may potentially be a different issue as to why it is happening, so we can investigate this our end.
    I will raise a ticket from our ticket system, and email you directly on there as this issue may possibly be bespoke to you, but we will narrow this down and pin point where the issue could be.
    Kind regards,
  13. Tom's post in Annoying popup was marked as the answer   
    Hi Paul,
    Hope you're well. 
    Adrian is right, this is due to you having the back button feature enabled, which essentially forces that message to pop up in the case a user has clicked "back" at any point on the browser. It was a feature that we delivered due to high demand from our customers, this is to stop any changes being lost that you have on Frog. 
    We can arrange to have this turned off if needed, if this is the case, please let us know by emailing support@frogeducation.com, or calling us on 01422 395939 and we can arrange that for you.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards,
  14. Tom's post in Tablet Powerpoint Issue was marked as the answer   
    After further liaising and narrowing down the issue, this has now been replicated and raised with development. I will be responding to Nathan separately on the support ticket once development have looked at the issue and confirmed a fix. 
  15. Tom's post in Trying to find a Shortcut keys list was marked as the answer   
    Hi Doug
    Please have a look at our up to date list, which is  located on our company website here
    This is the full URL to the keyboard shortcuts, if that hyper link above does not work for you - https://www.frogeducation.com/community/tutorials/keyboard-shortcuts
  16. Tom's post in Homework Calendar was marked as the answer   
    Hi Angeliki,
    The Homework Calendar Widget is designed to display linked children's homework to the Parent profile ONLY. If you linked a child to a staff account, the widget will not work as it's not designed for this, even if you have created a group (Staff-Parent) that has access to the widget.  
    I would recommend that if a staff member is also a parent within the school they should have one staff account, and one parent account and the children should be linked to the parent account, and that the staff member uses their parent account to view their children's work.
    It may be worth having a look on our Ideas Portal and raising this as a new feature request, as I have not been able to find something similar to what you are trying to do on there.
    Hope this clears things up a bit
  17. Tom's post in editing an assignment was marked as the answer   
    Hi Rob
    You are right, adding resources is currently not available when editing an exiting assignment in Frog, however, this has already been raised on the Ideas Portal and currently has 21 votes, so we should be looking at integrating this in the not too distant future, since it has gained so much interest so far. 
    You can view the raised idea here - https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1063
  18. Tom's post in Isolating Year Group Assignments was marked as the answer   
    Hi Nigel - hope you're well.
    The reason a year filter is not available in Assignment Monitor is due to how the classes work in Frog currently. When a class is either created from your MIS or in Frog, there is no link between a year and a class at present, so a filter tool for year's in assignment monitor would not function correctly at this moment in time. 
    A few schools have reported this to us, and it is being reviewed. This would be a perfect example to use our Ideas Portal, as this is exactly what it used for, to hear our customers thoughts and ideas of what they would like to see in Frog!
    You can access  the Ideas Portal here - https://www.frogcommunity.com/ideas-portal
    I have taken a look on the Ideas Portal and can see this has not yet been raised there (a year filter tool), therefore, I would suggest going onto the Ideas Portal and raising this as a new idea and hopefully, if your idea was to receive enough votes, our developer can then look at integrating it into the platform.
  19. Tom's post in Question about setting up Parent Accouts was marked as the answer   
    Hi Paul
    1. If you archived half of the parent accounts, the half that is archived will be out of the way and the MIS link will remain (so no new users created on the next import). If  the Frog extraction took place but did not affect the archived accounts, the password reset notification could possibly pick up the archived users duplicate email address which could cause the password reset email to not be sent out - I will get all this double checked on Monday by one of our Frog developers.
    EDIT:  The developers have confirmed that if the email address is still attached to the parent accounts, the forgotten password reset function would not work as expected as it would then be looking at two different details for a users on one email address, which would probably stop the email from being sent out. They have advised it would be best to just manage the email in SIMS, therefore, removing the email address ion SIMS for the duplicate parents. 
    2. If you delete the email addresses within the Users Application, the next SIMS extraction would populate the emails again once imported into Frog overnight.
    I would recommend that the safest way would be removing the duplicate emails in SIMS as this would normally be the process. Whenever a user is MIS linked, the management of that user would be within your SIMS, rather than Frog.
    As I previously advised, I will get the points I made in method one confirmed first on Monday.
    If you have any further questions until then, please do not hesitate to ask, have a good weekend otherwise
  20. Tom's post in Calendar on mobile app was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for supplying the screenshot
    I can see you are accessing Frog from the Chrome browser. We are currently working through our applications at the moment to become more mobile responsive on mobile browsers, which should be available in the near future, however, there is no definitive date on this yet. 
    As a workaround, you could set a site up with a mobile responsive theme, and drag a Calendar Widget on the site and set it to display the necessary calendars you need, so when you next access on your mobile, your calendar(s) should display much better within the site. 
    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.
  21. Tom's post in Classes was marked as the answer   
    Okay so, If you right click on the extractor and open as administrator, you should see a group of buttons at the top, here you should be able to see the Extract/Import button, click this and once you are in this section, you should see Basic information here. Select the Run Now button on the bottom right hand corner as this will run the manual extract, please make sure the Basic Information is ticked before running the extract, as the Basic information are such things as users, groups etc. 
    Hope this solves the issue for you, if not, just let me know and I will look further into it
  22. Tom's post in Kovile was marked as the answer   
    Hi Tom,
    This is expected behaviour, when on a mobile or tablet device, you should not see the "X" for sites or apps, instead, use the Frog Head in the top left hand corner on your FrogBar (as Paul has mentioned too), this is essentially used as the "back button" on a mobile.
    If you have any further questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask as I'd be more than happy to help out
  23. Tom's post in Removing quick launch for parents was marked as the answer   
    Hi Nigel,
    I hope you are well.
    I am able to remove the ability for all parents to add or delete anything on the Quick Launch - would you like me to do this?
    You can then give it a test your end to see if you are happy with it. 
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