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Student E-Portfolios

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Hi all, 

e-portfolios, or a site per student is something we may be interested in implementing. We are a small specialist school of up to 50 students, so we don't have a large cohort so could potentially put a fair amount of detail into each portfolio. I've had a look at the templates provided by Frog. It's worth mentioning that because of small cohort we don't use sims, although I am pushing for it (not only for it's uses within Frog).

What I haven't quite figured out is how to implement them in Frog. Ie, how and where would they sit in frog, for each student? Maybe I'm missing something really simple, but the only way I can see is to put each student into a group of their own, and use rules to only show the site link for their own portfolio from the student homepage.

This can't be the smartest  or intended way to implement these? 

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