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Graham Quince

FrogCode widget - Email Alert

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Here's a widget designed to support teachers when they need to be able to quickly send a message to other staff requesting assistance.  There is a space for a room to be listed, but the email will send without this information.



There's quite a few schools using Forms for this, but this one doesn't require a form and should be quick to set up and use.

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@Graham Quince We are using this successfully as part of our "on-call" system. Except for 2 teachers, where the "Send" button doesn't appear next to the fillable field. Interestingly 1 of them can see it if they use MS Edge instead of Chrome, but not the other.

If you watch carefully when the page loads, it is there for a fraction of a second, then disappears to be replaced with ...  

So I'm thinking a size/resolution issue? is there a minumum number of pixels wide that it needs to be?

It's on our dashboard currently.

Any suggestions?

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I've just had a look and screen size is my best guess too.  With you having 4 columns for the staff dashboard, it might just be squeezing the widget a little too much.

I had a quick look to see if you could hack the widget to hide the icon, but it didn't work.  You might need to add the widgets to a wider column, or show your colleagues how to add the widgets to their personal dashboards.

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