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Student Tracker 'Goal' - can someone explain please?!

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Hello all and HNY,

I noticed before Christmas (not sure how long it had been there tbh) the addition of the option to add a 'Goal' to the Student tracker and track progress against that:

Hope I don't sound too thick here but please could someone explain how this is to be used? As far as I can see it doesn't get pulled through into the reports. I couldn't find anything on the help pages. We are still trialling using Progress at the moment.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @smackie2,

I've checked with Tom to make sure I have this right:

As far as I understand this is an additional intervention tool that staff can use in the classroom while on the go, without the need of changing the whole school curriculum.

It allows staff to add in an extra custom objective within a tracker for 1 or more students, which can be used as a smaller step towards a larger objective


reference a key point/piece of knowledge that a student/students may be missing, which once achieved the staff member can be confident they are on track with the parent objective.


This doesn’t currently pull through to reports but this is planned to in the future.


As mentioned, this won’t change what is in the curriculum designer (as you wouldn’t want every staff member constantly changing it through the year), but during moderation meetings staff may want to share how they have used these goals with SLT, as some of these goals may need to be incorporated into the curriculum where appropriate.


Hope that clears things up

Graham (and Tom)


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Thanks Graham and Tom, yep that makes sense and good to hear it will eventually pull through to reports. Could be quite useful for us. Thanks

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It would be great in the US.  We are constantly looking at data and if we could merge this with our data tracking software, the teachers could import SLO data in and show the level that the students are moving to.  

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Further to Graham's comments; the intention with class goals is for you to set the student(s) 'something to achieve' it that particular subject. That can really be anything you want:

  • Stretch and challenge objectives for your gifted children
  • Breaking objectives/KPIs down in to smaller increments for schildren that are stuggling to show progress against the big ideas (KPIs)
  • Incorporating character education for the whole class or specific children
  • Setting behavioural targets for certain children


As Graham mentioned, the plan is to include the goals in the individual student reports at first. We will then look to extend this out so that where goals have been allocated to the whole class, they will (optionally) be included in the class reports as well.


I have had an example of one school using the goals at class level as a way of curating their curriculum. The idea is that if over the academic year, there are goals that end up being applicable to every child in the class, this can than drive a conversation about lifting the class goal back up in to curriculum designer so that it is an agreed objective/KPI. This was not an intended use when we developed the functionality but is actually a really useful way of organically curating your schools curriculum.




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