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  1. Hi @Graham Quince, We find this widget really useful - however I've not used for a little while and when I ran it earlier it no longer gives you full information on who the site has been shared with - just says 'private' .... but not for all of them and I can't see why... Any ideas? Thanks, Susanna
  2. Hi, At the Frog conference last week I went to the Getting the best from Home Learning seminar... the gentleman presenting showed a page that generated a list of sites and who they had been shared with along with their UUID.... sorry, can't remember his name or school. Does anyone know where I can find this script/widget(?) This would be really useful for us. Thanks in advance Susanna
  3. is this still being developed? We have staff really keen to be able to use this :-)
  4. For us (we are not a school as such) staff have to submit a record for each visit with a student. Quite often they will put in wrong date/time taken/wrong student (or not following naming conventions) ... they don't have the ability to see the data, all they can do is send an email to the admin person to let them know what they've entered wrong - then when the data is exported the admin has to edit the csv file with info from the email... Having the ability for the staff member to see their own entries only in the data viewer and edit (or delete) them there would be ideal - we don't want staff seeing each others' due to confidentiality. Having the history of what they edited isn't needed - just as long as what is exported is the correct version. Basically like how you could in Frog 3 ;-) Thanks
  5. Hi Graham - when you say 'editable entries' is that like in Frog 3 when the user can edit what they've submitted? Thanks, Susanna
  6. Thanks @Matt that would be perfect solution - now if that could be built into the forthcoming Portfolio creator @Graham Quince has been talking about that would really make my day Susanna
  7. Hello, ok, so our staff are starting to use the Progression Charts to upload evidence and this is going reasonably well. We are not a school as such but an alternative provision and each student has their own site (workspace) shared with staff working with them. Quite often the student will upload completed work into a File Drop widget in their workspace. Staff want to use this as evidence in the Progression Charts. It seems that the only way to do this is to download it then re-upload it in the Progression Chart which is a bit of a faff. Is there an easier way to send it from the file drop/workspace site to the progression chart?The files in question are mainly word docs which the student will have done on a laptop. We would still want the evidence to be in the workspace site as it serves as their portfolio and allows all staff working with them access to it. All ideas gratefully received Thanks, Susanna
  8. Thanks @Matt will give that a go
  9. Some of our staff are getting more confident in creating sites as lessons, which is great, but are getting really frustrated when trying to rearrange pages... I know in theory it should be possible to drag and drop from top level to a sub menu but it is really difficult to get the page to go to the desired place. Is there an alternative way of doing this? Or is it just a case of persevering? Are there any themes that it is easier to do in? (currently trying to do it on the feature theme). thanks! Susanna
  10. I'm looking forward to your new eportfolio maker @Graham Quince what we've done for our individual student spaces is create a curriculum area (called Workspaces) create a template which is tagged with the curriculum area and also a default group to share with (in our case area admins for those students) then for each student create a site based on that template and share it with the student and any others that need access. On the dashboard there is then a site list widget set to show all those sites tagged in that curriculum area that the logged in user has access to as well as being able to see them in the curriculum area in the Frog Drive. It's worked well for us (especially after the introduction of the site list widget) but can be rather repetitive to set up many at once (thankfully we don't have huge numbers of students) - the ePortfolio maker will make things easier. Hope that makes sense but it would save you having to have everyone on the same site with their own tab.
  11. glad to hear it's fixed @chris.smith it was starting to unsettle some of our teachers!
  12. Just wanted to say how happy this new widget has made me We have individual sites for each student shared with staff they work with - it's been problematic in the past for some users trying to find the sites, but as they are all tagged in the same Curriculum area it now means we can have a Site List on the homepage and users will see the ones they need to. Thanks!
  13. We have a ticket open regarding the Analytics app not showing up to date info for when user's last logged in - currently we only have data up to the 26/02 (today is the 02/03) - so wonder if the rest of the data is not up to date too. We need to be able to see if students have logged in to access work. The Frog 3 stats were much more usable for us.
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