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  1. Is there a way to make Frog forms anonymous? We want to create a student survey but do not want to collect any identifying data so that they feel happy to answer truthfully. Thanks Alan
  2. Hi Graham, We would be interested in seeing this when it is complete. Thanks Alan
  3. Hi Graham We are near to releasing our new portals for HR and Medical welfare as a starting point to standardise how we present information to staff. You are welcome to look at ours. The idea is to store all procedures etc centrally on the frog drive and remove all paperwork using frog forms. Contact me if you want to look at what we are doing. Alan
  4. Hi all, We would love this functionality as we are currently trying to implement this using forms etc. If you need someone to help with testing etc please let me know. Alan
  5. Hi Adam, I have been playing with the code and I think the date format at line 24 is in the US format i.e. mm-dd-yyyy as I was getting a few more records than I expected. I have changed it to the following var date_string = "09-01-" + year; sept = moment(date_string).valueOf(); This seems to work fine. Thanks for your efforts. Alan
  6. Many thanks Adam. I have tried the snippit of code and initial results are great. This will save lots of phone calls from parents who can't see the reports because they haven't filled in the selection dates. Alan
  7. We are fairly new to Froglearn and are currently building our parent portal. I would like to use the date selection widget along with the MIS linked documents widget but I would like to prefill the date selection widget so that the default is to display all linked documents for this academic year. Is this possible? Has anyone tried this before? Any suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks Alan
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