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  1. Hi Kirsty, I've just repelied to your email, but for the benefit of others who read your question here and may be interested in the answer... The purpose of the SCORM widget in Frog was to simply allow SCORM files to be played (which is why it is the Media Category). The release notes are here --> https://www.frogcommunity.com/app/os#!beethoven/learn/scorm-player-widget We did manage to get some functionally around ‘bookmarking’ implemented, which would allow a user to carry on from where they left off when they return to a package and if the SCORM package implemented some sort of score, that would be saved as part of the package (i.e. if the SCORM was written to save and then display the score with in the package, it would be displayed). But it is *very* dependant on the way the SCORM package has been written, and saw a few that simply didn’t work as expected. We go to the stage where we were confident that we could play most SCORM files (as long as they were version 2004 onwards). But even then we do come across some that just don’t work. So as of now, the SCORM widget is just a SCORM player. We can support bookmarking and saving of scores within the SCORM package if the package itself uses the right APIs in the right way, but no information is pulled though into Frog. We are currently working on a SCORM activity widget that can be used in assignments. Hope that helps, Graham
  2. Hi Jess, Thanks for contacting us. The best way to resolve this in the first instance is to contact the ICT support team at your school. They will be able to check your email and reset your password if necessary. Regards, Graham
  3. Apologies for my tardiness - these 3 ideas have now been merged
  4. Fair point Chris. I think we can do something quickly on this and see if we can squeeze it into the Dickens release early next year - but then have a think about letting you chaps set your own theme for Quick Assign.
  5. Yeah - that's not an unreasonable request, Simon. I'll raise it and get them published. Graham
  6. Hi Sue, When duplicates or similar ideas are pointed out, I do indeed merge them into one so the votes are pooled, and everyone gets a single update. Thanks for dropping us a line to let us know - I'll merge them together this morning, and as that will then take the idea over the threshold I'll respond accordingly! Graham
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