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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to use/force multi-factor authentication to access OneDrive via Frog please? Thanks Simon
  2. Good Morning Folks, I was wandering if anyone could help me out. We are currently using ADFS to authenticate our students in Frog from a link on out intranet (See Fig.1). Of course this works seemlessly. However we have some sites which have been created in Frog which we link to the page directly (again from the intranet - See Fig.2) If students / staff are not logged in to Frog they are passed onto the login page (See Fig.3) - and must sign in before being routed through to the site. So my questions is Q: Is there a way we can pre-authenticate users using ADFS so that they go straight through to these site without having to sign in to Frog (if they are not signed in)?? Thanks for any help. Simon
  3. @sclough - Any thoughts on this? Perhaps give it a try....
  4. Hi Graham, I can't see what has been updated apart from the title? The Design Guide is the same and there is no Boilerplate template for responsive themes? Simon
  5. Hello All, Just wondered if if it was possible for Frog to share with us (schools) a boilerplate for the responsive themes so that schools can create their own from the templates. Also, I do recall some time ago being promised that we would be able to create, validate and upload our own themes onto the platform directly. At present we are still using the old standalone theme checker and having to sent themes over to Frog to be installed onto the platform for us - Has this piece of work been shelved? Is anyone still activity creating / designing themes? There was a huge buzz a couple of years ago but it seems to have all but disappeared.... Simon
  6. Hello All, The clue in in the title really - Has anyone been able to use the VIVO API to create a FrogLearn Vivo Widget? Simon
  7. Hi Chris, The ticket, is it helps is: #BKU-294-14988 We can create, deploy and install a widget - however when we update the version number in the manifest and save it we deploy then check for updates (we get the blue circle to indicate an update). However, when we click Update Package - Nothing (POST https://vtle.theradclyffeschool.co.uk/api/2/?method=packages.update 500 (Internal Server Error) - in console. Cheers
  8. Hi Chris,

    The ticket, is it helps is: #BKU-294-14988

    We can create, deploy and install a widget - however when we update the version number in the manifest and save it we deploy then check for updates (we get the blue circle to indicate an update).  However, when we click Update Package - Nothing (POST https://vtle.theradclyffeschool.co.uk/api/2/?method=packages.update 500 (Internal Server Error) - in console.


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    2. sfoster


      Any news on this please Chris :)


    3. Chris.Smith


      Hi Simon,

      I have just logged in to verify and everything looks ok! It looks like this issue is resolved from my end.
      I will pass the issue back to the service team and get them to publish an update and confirm the fix we you formally.



      ~ Chris

    4. sfoster


      Hi Chris,

      All seems OK here we have managed to update a package and install it on the platform - Thanks for all your help.


  9. Thanks Chris - We have some really useful widgets that have been developed by Simon and are keen to get these installed and tested on our platform - please keep me updated - Cheers Simon
  10. Hello All, We have been working on some new widgets for MIS Linked Documents, Attainment and Learner Contacts. Following the Austin release we too are unable to save or update packages in FrogCode - It is very frustrating for our developer as it seems to be one step forward and two steps back. We have a ticket open with support on this but have been advised that "We have linked this to our existing bug ticket" with no timeframe for a solution other than it will be rolled out in a scheduled hotfix. Any updates @Graham Quince @Chris.Smith Radclyffe
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has found a method for running SCORM packages in FrogLearn? We have just moved from being a Frog 3 / Learn School to FrogLearn only and had quite a few sites containing SCORM packages. These no longer work and I wondered if anyone had found a solution to use them? Third party SCORM player or cloud player etc? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Simon
  12. Hi, Would it be possibe for Frog to advise Schools when new GPOs have been added to the platform during updates? Could these be added to the Release Notes. We often stumble upon these by chance and sometimes are not aware of what changes they apply to the premissions for staff and students. It would useful if new GPOs were added to the release notes so that platform administrators know they have been added and what they affect. Thanks Simon
  13. Hi Graham, Looking forward to getting our hands on this and having a go Simon
  14. Thank Graham, I have done that following a tutorial i saw on the community website. I'll add it to the portal Simon
  15. Hello All, A quick question that have been raised in school today; Is it / will it be possible to create custom marks scheme in assignments? As it stands staff can only chose between a percentage or mark out of. It would be useful if staff could grade work themselves e.g A grade from 0-9 Thanks Simon
  16. Thanks Chris Is there anywhere we can get a list of endpoints please? Simon
  17. Hi, If we want to display the logged in users calendar in the calendar widget how do we go about this? We want to put a calendar widget on the Student Dashboard so that students can see it when logged in. If I drag the calendar widget to a page I can only see my calendar from the 'Calendar to Display' drop down menu. Apologies if this is a silly question... Simon
  18. Graham, We have created a button to 'Create a New Assignment' using the the modules_quickassign UI. var $target = jQuery('[data-action=launch_quick_assign]:first'); $target.on('click', function(el, ev) { ev.stopPropagation(); el.frogui_modules_quickassign(); }.bind($target.get(0), $target)); Is there anyway we can find out what the UI is to launch the Assignments Monitor and/or other modules if FrogLearn please?
  19. Hi Everyone, Our school have also been looking at SMH and liked it. We have been trying to demonstrate that a lot of what can be done can also be done in Frog but are having to fill a lot of the gaps. So far we have created a sandbox / code development site and have created a button to 'Create New Homework', a custom widget to show homework assigned by a member of staff and from a students view homework that has been assigned to them. We are just looking at creating a button to launch the Assignment Monitor so staff have an overview of all work set in school. This ticks most of the boxes for us. See attached.
  20. Good Morning All, We have a a few staff and students saying that they are unable to access their user drives from for the last few days? I was just wondering if anyone else had had similar reports from staff / students - Maybe a recent update has caused a problem? Thanks Simon
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