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Graham Quince

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Using the tools provided in FrogLearn, you can build and customise the platform quite a bit. 

HTML Widget

The HTML widget requires activation by Frog's Service Desk.  You can request the widget from logging in here.  If you are not a registered user with our service desk, you will need your school's Frog admin to contact the service desk for you.


FrogCode Editor

FrogCode Editor allows you to build Frog applications and widgets directly inside FrogLearn.  You can find out more here.  Unlike the HTML widget, the FrogCode Editor rquires a per user activation.  Please contact the Service Desk to arrange activation.


Frog APIs

Inside FrogLearn, there are two apps you can activate via Package Manager:

  • FDP API Reference
  • FrogCode APIs

These provide up-to-date code references to our FDP APIs, Widget preferences etc...


FrogCode Editor and the HTML widget support:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • CSS

FrogLearn is pre-loaded with:

  • Boostrap CSS (v2.3)
  • Moment.js
  • jQuery UI
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