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Merging Sites

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Hi all,

Is there any way to merge two sites together other than copying and pasting the information?

I know I could embed one site into another, but I'd quite like to remove some sites that are not really 100% needed when the information can be somewhere else.



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    • By vikpaw
      This morning our sitelinks don't show up, only an ovoid outline. We can't click on them. [On dashboard]
      Sites can be searched for an opened.
      Edit button does not work on any view.
      Any clues? Tried on Chrome and Safari to no avail.
    • By Aimée13
      Hi all,
      I was just winder what other school do with old sites?  For example, we had a site for the rehearsal process for our school play last year, new play this year, so new site.  What would others do with their older site that will now be unused but still had work and effort put into it?  Same with sites that were built for particular projects last year, but now are not going to be used?  Any way to archive them so they aren't gone forever due to the work that was put in, but not appearing as 'current' sites? 
    • By APrice
      Hi All,
      I was at the fantastic Frog17 conference last week and observed the lessons that people had been able to create on sites in Frog. This then got me thinking about how you take that to the next 'level' and embed your assessment into these directly. The quizzes in frog are a big feature of how pupils can access the learning and meet KPI's. How impressive would it be if after going through a lesson on Frog they could complete the relevant quiz that would have been assigned to pupils anyway but all on the same site. They would have their starter, core lesson content, extension tasks, plenary work all culminating into the ability to complete the quiz which would then directly go as evidence to that KPI.
      Maybe this is an impossible vision or maybe not? Coders out there...is this possible? You'd just have the quiz feature without the games element. Is it just me that thinks this would be pretty awesome?
      Any thoughts more than welcome or if anyone can actually do this better still!
    • Guest Edd
      By Guest Edd
      Hi there,
      At Frog we have recently introduced something called Frog Templates!
      What are these? These are free resource sites that schools can use as a new site, then edit and share amongst your users on your own school platform (FrogLearn).
      Why use these? to save time and give you ideas and a starting point!
      At Frog, myself & @Graham Quince have constructed the following site templates for you to utilise (see screenshot below).

      In order to create a site on your platform using one of these new templates, from within FrogDrive --> Sites, click the blue "New Site" button. On Step 1 of the site creation process click on "frog Templates on the left hand side then select a template and continue through the normal site creation process.

      Any questions on these please let us know! FYI, currently working on Extra Curricular Club, Careers, Revision Portal & SEN - Independent Education Area.
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