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Delete all Site Timeline assets

Graham Quince

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We've got a school keen to reuse their class sites, but they've made extensive use the Site Timeline for galleries.  (Biggest one had 7.5Gb of files in the timeline)

There's various support / dev options possible, but seeing as all they wanted was the exact same site without any pictures attached, I've prepared this code for an HTML widget.  It's not 100% perfect (i.e. it could do with tidying up) but it clears out a site's timeline in the background:

Site UUID: <input type="text" id="uuid" class="siteuuid" name="siteuuid"><br>
<btn class="btn btn-warning asset_delete">DELETE Loads of Timeline Assets</btn>
<div class="deleteStatus"></div>

var assetDELETE = arguments[0].find('.asset_delete');


function deleteOldAssets() {
var siteUUID = $('.siteuuid').val();
    if (siteUUID) {
    Frog.Model.api('timeline.search', {
        context: siteUUID, 
        limit: "2500",
        refresh: "true",
        requiredKeywords: ["timeline asset"],
        since: "0",
        target: "62D1A1EE20025294051F3FC408A84B01A904A4FC50D3E7CE"
    }).done(function(response) {
        var events = response.data.events;
        $('.deleteStatus').text("Found: "+events.length+" images");
        for (var i = 0; i< events.length; i++) {
                Frog.Model.api('timeline.deleteevent', {
                    uuid: events[i].uuid
                    type: 'POST'
                }).done(function(response) {
                }).fail(function(e) {
     }).fail(function(e) {


To get the Site UUID, I used Chris Smith's bookmarklet: 



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