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Moving pages in a site - help!


Some of our staff are getting more confident in creating sites as lessons, which is great, but are getting really frustrated when trying to rearrange pages... I know in theory it should be possible to drag and drop from top level to a sub menu but it is really difficult to get the page to go to the desired place. Is there an alternative way of doing this? Or is it just a case of persevering? Are there any themes that it is easier to do in? (currently trying to do it on the feature theme).




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Hi @smackie2 yes it can be a bit of a faff rearranging the pages on certain themes. However if you change the theme (temporarily) to one of the themes that has the top level menu at the top, and then the sub menu level on the left side of the screen:

- 'Simple Tabs Theme' , 'Folder Theme' should both work

You then just need to ensure that the top level menu that you wish to move the other top menu page under, has already got a sub menu item ('new page' will do).

With that set up, you then just need to click the Top level menu that the other will go under, so you can see it's sub menu on the left. You then just drag the other Top menu item that you want to move, over to the sub menu level - and it should move it over to the sub menu level.

Watch this video showing this in action. 

Hope this helps!

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