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Frog Play reports/results


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Our science department have been using Frog Play to do end of year assessment tests, they have been told that free text questions are difficult as they much match exactly but they decided to use them and look at the answers themselves, make a decision and add a mark on (on the childs report to go home) if they feel the spelling/wording was close enough the correct answer.

I have been given the attached image and also questions below, can anyone help answer these - I use frog play for admin and testing but I do not teach so I do not set to full classes and analyse results in this much detail: 

1 - What is the weird code against Olivia’s name?

2 - How do we find out who the other 10 people were who gave the same incorrect answer as Sally?

3 - For free text questions how do we easily see the answers given for each - we can see who got a question wrong, but I want to see what they typed to get it wrong for each one. 


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@Corinne I think to view questions in even more detail you need to export the results to .csv then you can see individual answers.


Not too sure about the other bits I'm afraid. One thing you may find useful (time permitting) would be to create a few test users and add them to a dummy group. You can then assign the quiz to the group and log in as the users and complete the quiz.


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Thanks @clangstaff the teacher exported csv files from different pages and non had answers on just results per questions or percentages per class. We are creating a dummy account for that subject though yes they had that idea to be able to set the work and view quizzes themselves within department. 


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