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Found 4 results

  1. NatalieW


    I was wondering if anyone could help please? I've been setting some quizzes for my student for homework, not all the percentages are filtering through to me and I am wondering what I am doing wrong or what they are doing wrong. I've attached a screenshot of what I am getting,
  2. We have had a big push with quizzes in Frog recently and lots of staff are now using these. With lots of staff using quizzes I am getting lots of requests for change - a lot of these I think are 'getting back to basics' the things that should have been in place from day one so here goes.. Stop students being able to 'retake' a quiz FrogPlay quizzes are used frequently for baseline assessments and staff have requested the ability to stop students being able to 'retake' or retry individual quizzes that have been assigned. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1225 Ability to 'Add new' to quiz answer boxes Currently when adding answers or 'dummy answers' to quizzes users are limited to just 5 options. We would like to have an 'Add new' option at the bottom so users can have as many answers as necessary. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1224 Ability to extend the question editing box within the quizbuilder When creating a question in a quiz the box is of a limited height making it hard to work with larger paragraph based questions. Increasing the text box size or having the option to drag the box to a larger size would be very useful for staff. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1223
  3. I have created a feature request on the ideas portal and it would be good to see this get more votes! To view quiz results on a per question basis you are currently required to purchase FrogPlay meaning staff can only see a total score for students and not where mistakes were actually made by students. I think this functionality should be included without the need to purchase FrogPlay - Quizzes are pretty useless if you can't see where students need additional support. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1164
  4. Just trying out something new - I've added one of our Year 6 maths quizzes to the Community. https://www.frogcommunity.com/quiz You'll need to log into Frog Community first (easiest way is via the Community button on your FrogLearn)
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