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  1. ghughes

    SMTP Email

    Thanks for the response, our relay was setup by RM so like you may to rethink the setup of it Thanks all!
  2. ghughes

    SMTP Email

    Hello, We had our email migrated from local exchange to o365. We setup a smtp mail relay, however, for o365 to trust this email addresses need to come from an email in our domain. The Frog server sends from an @frogtrade.com account which according to Frog support we can't change so I can't get the frogserver sending email notifications. Anybody else using 0365 email and getting email notifications working? If so how did you do it? Thanks Gareth
  3. Been trying to figure out for the past week or so why our shared drives aren't working in Frog anymore and just seen this, which will be reason! Doh. Thankfully, it's a not a heavily used feature strangly, just a couple complaints so far. Did Frog come up with a solution yet? I've got a call logged.
  4. That would be great thanks. Just trying to think of the best way of having multiple noticeboards. Staff Notices/ Student Notices / PE notices / Music in one tabbable section Thanks Gareth
  5. Sorry, could somebody point me in the direction of the Noticeboard tutorial, how to do a tabbed one for different year groups. Seen it done on a tutorial somewhere, but can't for the life of me find it!? Can't even see how to add a tabbed widget? Thanks Gareth
  6. Knew it'd be somewhere! Dunno how I missed that, thanks!
  7. Tried searching, but can't find the answer. How do I change links in the menu structure to point to external pages or other sites? e.g. See attached pic. How can i change the Staff Handbook link to go to our Staff Handbook Site? Also, can I remove the link from the very top. So if clicking on Staff Information, rather than just load a page it does nothing, forcing users to click on one of the options from the drop down? Thanks Gareth
  8. ghughes

    GCSE Pod

    Hello, just wondering if anybody has the gcsepod single sign on working? Tried adding the widget and setting it up, but doesn't work. Support desk can't help, they're asking GCSEpod. So trying to see if anybody else got it working as we've got a lot of students wanting to use it asap. They can log in manually, but it's then taking away from Frog use and they'll soon start forgetting login details! Thanks Gareth
  9. Thanks, something to go on i'll do some playing about and report back if get something working. Cheers
  10. Thanks @Graham Quince fingers crossed. @shutterm loving your work! Cheers Gareth
  11. Sorry to high-jack this thread, but was having a read a noticed the image from @Graham Quince's 2nd post which showed a Student notices, is it just a customised Timeline or something else very cunning? Looks very slick, and prefer it to the standard notice system and was hoping to have a go at replicating it. How do you post to, are they images or is it text inputted? Thanks and sorry again for thread-jacking! Gareth
  12. Yes! Fab, that's working a treat thanks. I couldn't get this one to workings <style> div[data-site-theme="B0DC67742002CF221368FF8A6CBB100993BEC49C894D6FA9"] { background:#FF0000 !important; } </style> But this did: <style> .ui-theme-erasmus-container .ui-theme-erasmus-contoutside{ background:#f2f2f2 !important; } </style> So cheers for that, quite good fun playing round with the CSS elements CHeers for the tips. Gareth
  13. Just wondering if there's a way I could add Tags to individual pages within a site? Doing a staff handbook, so lots of pages but would like the whole thing searchable? Anybody know of a cunning way to do this? Cheers Gareth
  14. Just wondering if anybody knew if there was some CSS code I could embed into the dashboard to change the background of our current theme without having to create a new theme. (I don't mean the main background, I can change that under edit - But for the central part where widgets are put.) Our current theme has a grey outer background and the centre part is white. Which I've been told is too white (?), so need to change this. If I have to edit the whole theme, so be it. But seeing the tutorials about changing hyperlinks colours, wondered if this could be done for this? Thanks Gareth
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