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I am trying to pass a Frog User field on to a PHP page to allow data to come up without user intervention.  Is there a way to submit this data if they hit a button to access the page by which the button acts as a submit passing the information from that user on to the PHP page?



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Hi @mhamilton

This tutorial:


goes into some detail, but shows you how to use this code:

var user = FrogOS.getUser();

To get the logged in user's details.  

With this, it should be straight-forward to add it to a button which could either use a URL with the variable attached or an html form to push the details to a php page

<a href="yourpage.php?user=myvar">click</a>


<form action="yourpage.php" method="push">
  user details: <input type="text" name="userdetails" value="myvar"><br>
  <input type="submit" value="Submit">

You'd need to add the myvar bit using Javascript:

<div class="mybutton"></div>

  var user = FrogOS.getUser().username;
   '<a href="yourpage.php?user='+user+'&" target="_blank">click</a>'


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