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  1. Hi Graham, i understand it has been a long time since the posting of this tutorial, and it may no longer work under new releases of Frog but i would like to ask a few questions about it. First, is this planned to be a feature available without HTML coding, to be able to have the button disabled or diverted to another page? And second, do you know of a way to make the change this causes replicate across the entire site, without needing a HTML widget with the code in on every page? I can understand if this is no longer relevant but it seems like an important option to us. Thanks, Dylan Baker.
  2. Thank you very much, this worked perfectly for our purposes.
  3. Hi there. Somewhat new to building frog sites, wanted to know if anyone has any experience using the style sheet and style options under the image properties of images inserted into text widgets. We have been trying to see if we could animate buttons in text widgets as you would in HTML but we arent sure how exactly. Thanks, Dylan.
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