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  1. I am getting this errorimage.thumb.png.1cab62081eeb7e68f1960c6f2f195f92.png when trying to access thread on Frog Academy?

    1. adamw


      Someone else has also raised this issue, but I don't seem to be having the same problem. I'll look into it, please let me know if it keeps happening.

  2. This is brilliant - Is it or will it be available for anyone to use and modify?
  3. We would like to create a widget for displaying achievement point totals/leaderboards in a similar format to PictoChart (Which we currently manually update via google sheets). The information is available in SIMS so it would save schools time and effort and be an excellent way for students to engage with Frog. I have pasted a copy of the points page (with PiktoCharts) to help describe what we are after. They are also nicely animated! Does anyone have the skills to be able to attempt something in Frog Academy?
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